The Alchemist is the archetypal magician, sorcerer, seer, and miracle worker. You live in a world of magic and power, where anything is possible. You have a well developed intuition, and know or feel things that others can’t.

Your path in life is to transform. You are able to take the base materials of any situation, and turn them into something of beauty and value. You are extremely powerful, and are able to manifest your hearts desires.

People are draw to your magical and magnetic personality. For you anything is possible, and every moment is a miracle waiting to be born.


Your Alchemist Gifts

Inner & Outer Harmony: You understand that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Through experiencing this, you have developed the ability to create a harmony in both, and therefore to manifest your will. You have transcended the boundaries of cause and effect, and instead live by the law of vibration. Attracting all that you need.

Connection: You don’t see the sacred as outside yourself, but have connected with it deep within. Through this link you are connected to everything in existence. You feel the rhythms of the natural world, and can sense things before they occur. this also gives you a powerful intuition, and understanding of others. If you choose to develop this gift you will may find you can communicate with plants and animals.

Synchronicity: Because you are so deeply connected with Source, you experience synchonicities often. You likely find yourself just in the right place at the right time, and naturally in everything that you need for your growth. When you flow in the current of synchronicity, it means that you are moving in your soul’s purpose. By paying attention to this, you allow the Universe to guide you along your journey. This gives you a direct line into the power and purpose of your life’s mission, and the path begins to unfold like magic.

Communicating with Spirit: Whether its in meditation, prayer, dreams, or trance induced states; you are able to communicate with the universal Spirit. Bringing back wisdom that can transform peoples lives, and heal yourself and others. You’re connection to the gives you the power of vision, and you can see things at a much deeper level than most.

Intuition: Sometimes you simply know things. You can easily tune into to people’s emotions, and may experience the foreshadowing of future events. You may feel like there are benevolent spirits guiding you, and always follow your gut feeling.

Transform: You have the gift of transforming the negative into positives. And are able to empowering people through re-framing and telling stories. In this way you inspire people to learn from their mistakes and become the best version of themselves. You teach people the power of negative situations, and how (if used correctly) they can help us to grow. By freeing ourselves from the cycle of blame, we are able to forgive, receive our lessons, and move beyond them.


Your Alchemist Shadow

Transforming Positives into Negatives: Your ability to transform also goes the other way. And the shadow Alchemist often transforms positives into negatives. This side of the archetype focusing only on the negatives of people and events.

Mis-Naming: The power of naming may also be misused, to put people down or make them less than what they really are. In this way you have the power to both create and destroy.

Fantasising about Bad Things Happening: You may find yourself fantasising about bad things happening, or focusing purely on the negatives. This stems from the dark side of the Alchemist archetype that secretly relishes chaos and intrigue.

Manipulating: You can be the master manipulator if you want to be, and you know how to get your own way. You may not even notice the subtle ways you do this, and even the best of intentions can have negative consequences.


Your Alchemist Journey

Wounding: The journey of the Alchemist usually begins with some kind of wounding. This may be mental, emotional, or physical, and acts as a catalyst of self development and healing. Once you have healed yourself, you are then able to heal others. Empowering people to heal themselves is one of the primary goals of the Alchemist.

Intuition, Healing & Synchronicity: The Alchemist has a strong intuition, and is able to know the hidden secrets of things. However, it is one thing to ‘know’ something, and quite another to act on it. Once you begin to act on your knowledge, you open the gateway to healing and transformation. Thus begins your journey of becoming wisdom. Look out for synchronicities as signs that you’re on the right path.

Joining a Fellowship: The Alchemist is a natural loner, and you likely feel happy in your own company. Yet leaps and bounds can be made when you join your powers with others. This may be an informal friendship group, a mastermind, or an online community.

Making Dreams Come True: Your true powers are in making the un-manifest manifest. You have the ability to channel inspiration from the higher realms, into tangible creations on the material plane. Thus you can create whatever your heart desires. Have you ever noticed that you always manage to manifest what you set your mind to? This power must be used, and be allowed to flow out into the world. Denying it, or hording it within will lead to energetic blockages.

Mastery of the Self: Your ultimate quest is to understand the Oneness of all things. When you begin to see the true nature of the universe, you will be able to use your mind to effect change in the outer world.


Ways to Grow

Ask for what You Desire: Desire is the first step of manifestation. The rookie Alchemist will create things unconsciously. But to gain control of this you simply need to ask for what you desire. When it arrives, receive it gracefully and with gratitude. Your powers depend on you humility, knowing that t comes not from yourself, but a higher source.

Use Ritual: Rituals help us to mark a commitment to something. They can be simple or elaborate, and are used to align oneself with higher powers. In this way, they connect with others, and Source; and act as a channel for transformation. The everyday rituals of meditation and prayer also helps keep you grounded, reducing the mental white noise so that your magic can flow.

Join a Fellowship: When you join with a group of other like minded people, it amplifies your collective learning and power.

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  1. The test results said I’m an Alchemist… I can see that… I read all the little details and feel it resonates with me and the journey I’m living…

    Posted on 20/10/2016 at 2:56 pm
  2. Hi, wow! This is so on point and resonates to who I am at my very core. I’m grateful to be here, it feels aligned. I look forward to our future connections.

    Posted on 22/02/2017 at 9:23 pm
  3. True

    Posted on 25/02/2017 at 5:38 am
  4. This is spot on for me! Thanks

    Posted on 07/07/2018 at 6:18 pm