The warrior is always on the move and in pursuit of a self chosen goal. A home base, marriage and children are not pressing needs, regardless of what society or family thinks. She doesn’t usually seek out emotional support or connection, but enjoys close brother and sisterly bonds with her friends.

She needs to be engaged in a cause or self-chosen goal to feel fulfilled, and may suffer from frustration or depression if she is unable to express herself in this way. The Artemis woman feels a strong communion with nature and often takes up causes relating to the protection of animals or the environment.

She is generally introvert, sourcing power from her inner world, and does not live her life seeking the approval of others, but rather for her own aims. She has a strong focus and determination, and is likely to excel at anything she sets her mind to. She can become a formidable force on her chosen path, is strong willed, independent, and fiercely protective over that which she cares about.

She feels most comfortable in the outdoors, and tends to replace human connection with a communion with nature. She feels easily drained in other peoples company, especially if they demand her attention. This results in a frequent need for solitude to recharge.


The Warrior Character

Goal Focused: The Artemis archetype gives you the ability to deeply focus on anything you set your mind to. You are not easily distracted, either by competition or the needs of others. This gives you the ability to set your mind to anything and always reach your target. Your unwavering focus and your perseverance regardless of obstacles, lead you to many achievements.

Feminist Ideal: Your archetype represent the ideal of the woman’s movement. You are strong, independent, highly competent, and can achieve anything you set your mind to – while also fighting for the vulnerable and protecting those in need. Your archetype is a defender of the powerless and the victimised, especially the young. You are motivated by the desire to protect, and inflict punishment on those who have caused harm.

Embraces sisterhood: Although you are generally quite solitary, you see women as sisters to explore and adventure with. Because of your fierce protective streak you may find that women look to you for help, which you give willingly.

Connection with Nature: You love being in nature, and feel a deep communion with the natural world. This may develop into a deeper feeling of connection with all living things, and you may find yourself fighting for environmental or animal causes. Being in nature brings you a profound sense of peace and relief from your heavily goal orientated pursuits.

Reflective: You are deeply thoughtful and intuitive, able to connect right to the core of people and events. This gift of inner vision means that you are always striving to develop yourself and internalise your ideals.


Warrior Challenges

Contempt for Vulnerability: You may feel a contempt for weakness in yourself and others, and deny your own vulnerability. This is especially the case with partners, who must keep a certain level of emotional distance to earn your respect. This cycle can only be broken by opening up to someone you care deeply for; thereby accepting your vulnerability and need for human connection.

Destructive Rage: Your fierce protector nature may give rise to a deep felt destructive rage. This is much more likely to be felt towards men than women, and arises when you feel devalued or disrespected. The objectification of women will likely be a source of fury for you. Heaven protect anyone that gets on your bad side!

Inaccessibility: You tend to be so focused on your own aims that you become oblivious to those around you. This can make you emotionally distant to those close to you. Your intense feats of concentration come at a price and loved ones may be left feeling hurt or excluded. This can be overcome with an awareness for others need for attention and affection.

Mercilessness: Loyalty to others, strength to stand up for a point of view, outrage for wrongs committed, and a penchant for taking action, are all positive sides to the Artemis woman. However, your high ideals, and tendency to see right and wrongs in black and white, can make your punishments merciless. For you it’s not only the behaviour that was bad, but the person who committed it. This makes you feel justified in your retaliations which can be sever. To overcome this it’s necessary to develop compassion and empathy which fosters forgiveness and mercy. If you have suffered yourself then these positive qualities will likely be well developed.


Warrior Relationships

Work: Driven by your ideals, any work must hold inherent value for you. You are uninterested in personal or monetary gain, and may find yourself taking up protective or ‘lost’ causes.

Friends: You place a lot of importance on these bonds. You likely have very close friendships that span decades, and for you quality and depth is far more important than quantity.

Romantic: You are quite happy without a mate. But if you do choose a partner you look for your intellectual equal and someone who shares your interests. You don’t entertain those who who want to dominate you or be mothered by you. Your ideal mate is your best friend; independent, self-directed, and who can appreciate your strength and daring spirit.

Sexuality: Your natural tendency to adventure and explore makes early sexual experiences easy for you. However, it is not your primary focus, and you tend to see sexual activity as recreational sport rather than emotional intimacy.

Marriage: For the young Artemis, settling down is far from her mind. You may favour living together over marriage, and will likely have a variety of different partners over the years. If you do decide to marry it is likely you will keep your name and refer to yourself as Ms.

Children: You don’t naturally look to motherhood for fulfilment, and being pregnant may even feel repellent for your usually athletic body. However, you do like children. If you choose to be a mum you will foster their independence, teach them how to stand up for themselves, and defend them ferociously. If you don’t choose motherhood you will shine at being the youthful aunt or big sister to other peoples children.


Warrior Development

The Child: The Warrior child is active rather than passive, and shows independence from a young age. She doesn’t miss a trick and has amazing powers of concentration on her own self-chosen tasks. She likes to explore and will want to adventure with the bigger kids, rather than dress in pretty clothes and help mummy at home. Driven by a strong sense of fairness she naturally stands up for herself and others.

The Teen: In adolescence the young Artemis girl is courageous, independent and persevering. She has a strong yearning for freedom and refuses to conform or be fenced in. She is not driven by the desire to please others, and usually knows what she wants.

The Woman: The Artemis woman embraces her independence by exploring ideas and the physical world. She will likely take up a cause and find herself working for something she strongly believes in. She is highly goal orientated and and peruses her chosen path with single minded perseverance.

The Middle Years: Once the uncharted wilds of the world have been explored we may see a shift inwards. Her goals by this time have been reached, plateaued or failed, and so she
turns her focus towards self reflection. She may venture into the psychic, psychological or spiritual realms with the same focus and determination.

Later Years: If the protector quality still persists it usually presents itself as a youthful exploration of new ideas and places. She is always on the move and is able to connect easily with young people. By this time she may enjoy sharing her passions and wisdom will younger girls, taking them out into nature and maintaining her interest in the world around her.


Rooting your Warrior Nature

Communion with Nature: Feeling like you do not fit in with the human world, or that it takes too much energy, you will likely find peace in nature. You thrive living in the countryside and need regular connection with trees and wildlife to feel grounded. If you live in a city try to make trips to the forests and parks often. Better still move to somewhere with lots of green and opportunity for outdoor pursuits.

Awareness of time: Being highly goal orientated and focused can rob our awareness of other areas in our life. The Artemis woman may stop one day and realise that time has passed her by and that her youth is fading. Take time out from your goals to enjoy your life and your body. Spend time with loved ones, out in nature, learning a new skill, or just being. The work will be there when you get back.

Awareness of the importance of connection: Your fierce independence can make you a difficult person to get close to. But communion with the world of people is needed for you to share you gifts and become whole in yourself. Often being vulnerable is the hardest and bravest of human endeavours. Take time to connect with others and share your feelings. Connection with people can be the source of profound meaning, and the bonds you make with those who share your ideals will be worth it.

Meditation: Being so highly goal focused can take it’s toll on the mind. This is especially true if you live in a city and don’t have regular contact with the natural world. Through meditation you can learn to connect with your inner landscape, still your mind, and recharge.

Ways to Move: The best form of movement for you would be something out in nature. Exercising indoors or doing repetitive movements with no goal is likely to feel boring and meaningless. You may enjoy competitive sports, but your introvert and independent nature makes you best suited to adventurous outdoor pursuits with a purpose. This could be hiking, barefoot running, kayaking, rock climbing, archery, swimming, cycling, surfing, dog walking, camping, mountaineering, or anything involving exploration. You are likely quite happy to do these things on your own, but having a partner in crime to adventure with is good fun. Enjoying these activities with someone else also forces you to take a break from your strict personal goals which you may resist if left to your own devices. Because of your focus and tendency to get ‘sucked in’ to your pursuits, you need regular mental breaks in the great outdoors.

Take Care of Yourself: You likely have a tendency to forget about yourself in the midst of rescuing everyone else. This is often compounded by your strong goal focus which makes everything else secondary, including personal care. Setting a limit on how much work you do each day, and making sure you take regular ‘self care’ breaks is a good way to make sure your needs are being met. Make looking after yourself one of your goals or you risk burning out and then being unable to help anyone.

Your Gift: You have an innate ability to connect with women, and this, coupled with your independent and decisive nature makes people look up to you; young girls especially. Your introverted nature means that this attention is not always welcomed, but your natural ability to lead and protect always shines through. One of the best ways that you can root this gift is to be a model for others to follow. Being comfortable as the sovereign warrior of your own destiny, while also accepting your own vulnerability and opening up your self to others. Your wound is low self-esteem born from a disconnection from other people. Heal those bonds and you will become a lighter, happier, and stronger version of yourself.

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