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The Jester is considered both the end and the beginning of the archetypal journey. They are led by curiosity, having fun, and trying out anything and everything that comes across their path. The Jester lives solely in the Now, and seeks freedom from duties, responsibility and possessions.

They find ‘normal’ lifestyles and social rules quite absurd, feeling instead that you should simply do as you please, and live and let live. The Jester is too busy enjoying life to worry about creating order,

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The Sage is the archetypal thinker, guru, and teacher. Above all else you value Truth (with a capital ‘T’), and are prepared to sacrifice anything in your search for knowledge. You want to answer big questions about how and why the universe works. This is not to control it or transform it like the Ruler or Alchemist archetypes – but just to simply understand it.

Your quest is to find the highest truth and to seek wisdom.

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The Alchemist is the archetypal magician, sorcerer, seer, and miracle worker. You live in a world of magic and power, where anything is possible. You have a well developed intuition, and know or feel things that others can’t.

Your path in life is to transform. You are able to take the base materials of any situation, and turn them into something of beauty and value. You are extremely powerful, and are able to manifest your hearts desires.

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You are the archetypal Queen and King of own expansive and abundant lands. You are a natural leader, and know how to get the best out of people for the benefit of your kingdom. You are master of your environment, and enjoy the comforts of life. Harmony follows you wherever you go, and people look to you for safety and stability.

As a Ruler you enjoy great personal power, which you wear lightly,

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The Creator is the archetypal painter, writer, inventor, and musician. You yearn for originality in all that you do, and are able to see things that others aren’t.

You have so many ideas, that you often find it hard to decide which one to follow. This may lead to lots of unfinished projects, and burn out if things get overwhelming.

You live for your work, and can easily loose days and week at a time,

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You are the archetypal revolutionary, rebel, outlaw, and wild child. You think rules are made to be broken, and live to challenge the status quo.

You have a deep yearning for revolution, and don’t mind destroying the old to make way for the new. You tear down the ‘accepted’ way of doing things, and disrupt the old with flare and style!

People see you as outrageous and outspoken, as you speak your mind freely,

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The Nurturer is the archetypal mother, provider, and caregiver. You love to look after others, and offer your home, time, and arms open to anyone in need. You always notice those ‘outside’, and welcome them with love and openness. Your caring nature knows no bounds.

You are compassionate, and have immense empathy for others. Your reaction to difficult people and situations is to love them through it. You are inclusive, generous to a fault,

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You are the archetypal Lover and Romantic. Everything that you do is driven by love, and you radiate compassion and joy. You have an amazing ability to light up a room, and people are drawn to your warmth and charisma.

You are enthusiastic, and have talent for sweeping people up in the passion of the moment. You have a gift for making people believe that anything is possible.

Your orientation towards the world is one of trust and surrender.

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The Seeker is the archetypal explorer. You have a deep inner urge to respond to the call of the unknown, and seek adventure in everything you do.

Ultimately your search is for happiness, and a better way to live. You yearn to live a life of freedom, expansion, and excitement.

If there’s anything you can’t stand, it’s to feel boxed in, or mired in bureaucracy. You are a do-er. Highly practical,

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