The Creator is the archetypal painter, writer, inventor, and musician. You yearn for originality in all that you do, and are able to see things that others aren’t.

You have so many ideas, that you often find it hard to decide which one to follow. This may lead to lots of unfinished projects, and burn out if things get overwhelming.

You live for your work, and can easily loose days and week at a time, while focusing on your creations. For you the world is a marvellous and exciting place, full of possibilities.

You are able to pull things apart and put them back together in new and exciting ways. And you can see the beauty and significance in the humblest of places.

By learning to overcome your perfectionism, and create from the heart; you will make many things of lasting beauty in the world. Yours is the path of wonder, inspiration, and immense satisfaction.


Your Creator Gifts

Imagination: You have a vivid imagination, and are always coming up with new and innovative ideas. You see patterns everywhere, and your mind is always buzzing with possibilities. In fact you have so many ideas, that you often find it difficult to pick just one.

Finding Beauty and Significance: You are able to find truth and beauty in the humblest of things. Because you can see the essence of things, you naturally put thing together in new and unique ways. You are able to see things that others can’t, which gives you an edge, and the power to transcend the ordinary.

Courage: To create things of beauty from within, requires a certain level of vulnerability. Your drive to create and share your creations with the world, involves risks. It asks that you be seen, and share your inner most thoughts and feelings. This takes courage, and trust that you are enough, and that your creations are needed in the world.

Authenticity: You strive for authenticity in all that you do. Originality is paramount to you, and shines through all your creations. If you cannot be your self, then you don’t see the point.


Your Creator Shadow

Unconscious Creating: Our thoughts create the world around us. Negative beliefs and worries can be extremely limiting. Your mind is highly creative, and this includes damaging thoughts as well as the good ones. Try to identify and let go of negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. When you create a positive mindset, the world is your playground.

Workaholic: You have such a strong creative drive, that you may get lost for days, weeks, and even months at a time. This focus takes over the need to eat, sleep, look after your basic needs, or connect with those around you. Because of this your health and relationships may suffer. Make sure you take regular breaks and re-connect with yourself and others daily.

Obsessive Creating: You yearn to create something of lasting value. And because of this, when you’re not creating life can feel dull and meaningless. You may find it hard to put down your pen, paint brushes, or laptop, and just BE. You may also find yourself obsessively jumping from one idea to the next. Creating just for the sake of it. This kind of constant busyness means that you’re missing out on life’s many treasures. Practice meditation, presence, and mindfulness to reconnect to the moment. This is where your true genius lies.

Inner Critic & Perfectionism: You are a natural perfectionist, which can sometimes feel paralysing. You may spend hours agonising over tiny details, straining your creative spark. Give yourself permission to create from the heart. Don’t overthink your projects, or worry about what others will think. The joy is in the creative process itself, so surrender to the moment and enjoy it.


Your Creator Journey

Creating Unconsciously: The first step in the Creator’s journey is creating unconsciously. When we are unaware of what we are creating, we cannot take responsibility for it. You may have felt helpless and lost in the past, creating situations without meaning to.

Imbalance: At first there is an imbalance between what our Ego wants, and what our Soul wants. You may find yourself torn between wanting material success, and being true to your self. Yet both are possible, and the Wise Creator has a balance of both.

Coming together of Ego & Soul: Once you have learned the lessons of the extremes, you are able to embrace both. This is the sweet spot where Ego meets Soul. Here you can be inspired by the divine AND be materially successful, healthy and happy.

Destiny: Because the Creator has SO many ideas, there is a temptation to follow all of them. Or to create things for every gap you see ‘out there’.  But creating what you think you ‘should’ can only lead to emptiness. To find true fulfilment, one must create from the heart. Surrender to your highest self and allow the indulgence of only creating what you want to. Once you do this, you will become a channel, ready to bring your gifts and dreams into manifestation. If everyone did what they were born to do, the world would be a much more beautiful place.


Ways to Grow your Inner Creator

Listen: To make sure that you are creating from a place of power, it is vital that you listen. Forget the outside world of noise and demands on your attention. Find a quiet spot in nature, or tune in to Source in your meditations. Ask the Infinite for inspiration. By doing this you will begin to create from your centre, your essence, and that place within you that is divine.

Surrender: The Ego of a Creator can be especially harsh. This is your inner critic, making you doubt yourself and your gift. Making you question whether you are ‘good enough’. And causing you to hide your gifts. The Ego is driven by fear, and tells us what it think we ‘should’ do, rather than what we actually want. Yet our creativity comes from within. Surrender to the creative process, allowing what comes up to go uncensored. Don’t judge it. Instead play with the ideas, and allow them to take shape naturally. Anything you create from your soul will be truth; and truth is always beautiful.

Balance your Ego & Soul: As mentioned above, the Ego and Soul often seek very different things. Learn to harmonise the two. Allow yourself to be danced by the Soul, but with an Ego strong enough to carry you through life in comfort.

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