The Jester is considered both the end and the beginning of the archetypal journey. They are led by curiosity, having fun, and trying out anything and everything that comes across their path. The Jester lives solely in the Now, and seeks freedom from duties, responsibility and possessions.

They find ‘normal’ lifestyles and social rules quite absurd, feeling instead that you should simply do as you please, and live and let live. The Jester is too busy enjoying life to worry about creating order, or finding meaning. Instead you feel a deep hunger for adventure, and make decisions based upon pleasure in the moment. You delight in breaking the rules, and seek a life of freedom above all else.

Your Jester Gifts


The Jester has the unique ability to try and try again, despite the many set backs that life throws at us. You aren’t afraid to try something new, and your ego isn’t caught up in the fear of failure like so many others are. This give you the freedom to walk your own path, try new things, and pick yourself up is things don’t go to plan.

Your natural resilience means that you will always be buoyant, and float along the currents of life’s oceans, when others may be fighting and flailing around you.


You have the wonderful ability to enjoy life for it’s own sake. You don’t need a plan, or ulterior motives to be happy. But are able to find meaning in the simple pleasures of life. This is a wonderful gift that makes your life naturally full and rich, beyond most peoples wildest dreams.


You are able to see the world from many different perspectives, and you don’t like being tied down to one thing. You can change yourself like a chameleon to fit in with many different environments, which makes you a master social butterfly. You also have the ability to make yourself almost invisible when you want to, yet watching everything that’s going on around you with a keen eye.

Disobeying the Rules

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s rules. You prise freedom above everything else, and for you to express yourself authentically in the world, you must be allowed to follow your whims and express yourself fully. This means you’ll have to break some rules from time to time.

You understand, better than any other archetype, that if you don’t break the rules then you can’t grow. And for this reason rules often feel arbitrary and constrictive. Unlike the rebel, you don’t break rules for the sake of it, it’s more that you find them so absurd that it would be crazy to follow them!

Your Jester Shadow

Self Indulgence

Because of your tendency to always live in the moment, this can make you overly self indulgent. You may not think ahead to the consequences of your actions, or take other peoples feelings into account as much as you would like to. It’s a double edged sword, but by practising mindfulness about the future of your actions, you can be sure to make the right choices in the moment.


Your love of freedom and living in the moment makes you shy away from anything that looks like a commitment. You don’t fear death or loss, like many of the other archetypes. But you do tend to fear attachments and responsibility, seeing them in direct opposition to your whimsical nature.

However this need to play all the time, and avoid anything that seems like hard work can take it’s toll. You may find yourself wandering aimlessly, not wanting to commit to anything, and therefore never being able to experience the full spectrum and joys of life. Some of the most meaningful things in life ask for a certain level of commitment and responsibility, making the experience all the richer for it. Allow yourself to commit to something, and see where the path takes you.

Unconscious Game Playing

Game playing can be fun, as long as everyone knows they are playing. What the Jester archetype needs to watch is unconscious game playing, which can manifest as gluttony, addictions, lust, and any other cycle of pleasure seeking.

Temptation to do Bad Things

Sometimes the Jester energy can tempt you to do things like stealing. Even though it’s wrong you may feel the urge to do bad things, thinking that no one will ever find out. This type of shadow Jester usually manifests when a person has tried to deny it’s lighter more joyful expression. When driven underground it starts to come out in negative ways. Embrace your Jester archetype and enjoy the healthy expression of this fun and exciting archetype.

Your Jester Journey


Your need to live always in the moment, can make you feel boredom easily when you’re not being entertained. Daily routines are tiresome for you, and you need to have an exciting adventure on the horizon to keep you on your toes.

Life as a Game

The young Jester may try to deny or avoid life’s difficulties, running away from problems, rather than taking responsibility. For this reason other people may see you as flaky or with your head up in the clouds. The Jester has to realise that life isn’t a big game that you can dip in and out of when you wish. The real treasures are found in forming lasting connections with other people, and sometimes this means facing problems as well as the fun times.

The Trickster

You don’t like taking responsibility, and so you may try to bend the truth to get you out of a corner. You don’t mind playing tricks on people, telling half truths, or manipulating situations to get what you want. This isn’t because you want power over others, rather it’s due to your distaste for all power structures. You don’t want to have power over others, and you certainly don’t want others to have any power over you. This often means you will try to sneak out tight spots when an opportunity arises.

Allowing your inner trickster to come out in positive ways, with good company and lighthearted fun. This will make sure it doesn’t get pushed down and begin to manifest negatively.

Joining with Others

The young Jester has a fear of committing to others, because of the responsibility such connections entail. You don’t like having power over other people’s emotions, and this may have led you to avoid deep relationships at all costs. However, as your Jester grows wiser, you can overcome your fear of commitment through experiencing love for another. Once you can enjoy the joy of love and connection, the fear of such a commitment dissipates.

Wise Jester

When you reach the stage of the Wise Jester, you are able to connect fully with others, having understood that meaning is found in communion with people you care about. You live life in each moment, and celebrate everything with love and deep gratitude.

Ways to Grow

Allow your Inner Trickster

The Jester archetype has to make sure that they are getting enough fun and excitement in their life. Otherwise they may find themselves acting out in negative ways. Spend time with your friends, go on mini adventures, explore the world and all the exciting things there are on offer. Play games, have fun, and keep things interesting.

Commit through Love

The Jester will try to avoid commitment at all costs. This stems from the misguided idea that relationships with others inhibit your much prised freedom. However the opposite is true. When you refuse to form lasting bonds with others, you go through life dipping in and out of friendship groups and relationships, hanging around for the fun times, and running away when things get too serious. This is a very shallow way to experience the world.

Once you commit to someone else, and experience love, you will glimpse a world of true freedom and joys. Resist the urge to run away when the going gets tough, stay grounded and connected, and you’ll soon realise that the biggest thing to fear is fear itself. Through connecting with others you will be reborn into a world of adventure, joy, and limitless possibilities.  This is the world of the Wise, untouchable Jester.


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