You are the archetypal Lover and Romantic. Everything that you do is driven by love, and you radiate compassion and joy. You have an amazing ability to light up a room, and people are drawn to your warmth and charisma.

You are enthusiastic, and have talent for sweeping people up in the passion of the moment. You have a gift for making people believe that anything is possible.

Your orientation towards the world is one of trust and surrender. You feel in your bones that Love is all there is, and so you open up to the world in ways that others can only dream of.

People admire you for your ability to let go and live in the moment. You take life as it comes, and live simply and openly. Your ultimate joy is found in becoming One with the other people, nature, and life. Yours is the path of unbridled ecstasy.


Your Lover Gifts

Charisma: You are highly charismatic, and have what people call a ‘magnetic’ personality. This comes from your genuine love of people, and interest in their personal hopes and dreams. Your positive outlook lights up the room, and people feel like they’ve know you for years.

Reverence: You have a natural reverence for life. Whether you find it expressed in people, nature, or passing moments, you see the profound in all things.  This comes from your own deeply loving nature. And because you are vibrating at this level within, you are able to recognise it everywhere.

Commitment: You are very committed to your friends, family, and loved ones. You love to connect with people, and be part of something bigger than yourself. Your highest expression manifests in your ability to love. The object of love is irrelevant, the true gift is in the act of loving. It is an orientation towards the world that very few have mastered.

Passion: You are wonderfully passionate, and don’t mind getting carried away with it when the feeling takes you. You wear your heart n your sleeve, and surrender to your emotions with love and trust. You have a genuine love of life, and living life, and so passion is at the core of everything you do.

Ecstasy: The highly developed Lover is able to experience a spiritual ecstasy that few witness. Your natural reverence, loving nature and gratitude, gives you a unique ability. You are able to empty yourself, and connect with the mysteries of the Universe. Receiving many insights and wisdom.


Your Lover Shadow

Jealousy: If the Lover is not whole within themselves, then they may seek others to complete them. This can lead to terrible jealousy. If you do suffer with this, try to remember that you outer world is just a reflection of your inner one. If your attracting the wrong kind of people into your life, or getting carried away with negative fantasies, then self love and healing is needed.

Obsessive Fixation: The art of loving is not in the object as we are led to believe, but in the act itself. Once the Lover realises this, she is able to radiate her love equally on all things. However, in the early (or shadow) stages, this may manifest as unhealthy fixations. If you find yourself becoming obsessive over a particular person or thing, then some perspective is needed. Practice love as a way of life, radiating it on all things equally, rather than fixating only one thing.

Sexual Addiction or Puritanism: The shadow Lover often leans towards the extreme of promiscuity or denial. Neither are healthy, but must be overcome through self love, and seeking inner harmony. Once you become whole and balanced on the inside, you will no longer be driven by external factors.


Your Lover Journey

Falling in Love: The first step in your journey to is experience love, and that if often by ‘falling’ in with with an object of your desire. This may be a childhood crush, or a serious relationship. Both will open the path to experiencing love as a way of life.

Following your Bliss: Your path is one of experiencing love in all that you do. So if you listen to the call you will naturally find yourself following your bliss. Instead of listening to others about what you ‘should’ do, you will follow the path that’s most beautiful. This very simple decision will have astounding impacts on the quality of your life, and the joys you experience.

Bonding: You will naturally seek to come together with others and in bonding. You will develop beautiful friendships, community, families, and tribes. Not many people get to experience this level of connection, and you will shine as the glue that holds communities together.

Radical Self Acceptance & Love: Eventually you will begin to turn your gaze inwards, and experience a deep and profound love for your Self. You will learn to accept yourself just as you are, and believe truly.. that you are enough. It is at this stage that you will find true healing and wholeness. All love begins with self love, and we cannot truly love others if we are unable to love ourselves. Once you have learned this lesson you will begin to radiate love as a way of living and experiencing the world.

Transformation: Those things that we love in other people, are a reflection of our own highest traits that year to manifest. You will begin to drop old negative beliefs and behaviours, and naturally vibrate at a higher and lighter frequency. You will start becoming love.

Bliss, Oneness & Unity: The ultimate goal of the Lover’s path is to become One with the divine; which is Love. The frequency of love that you send out, will become so powerful, that you begin to draw all that you need towards you. Like the law of attraction states, your love will attract more love.. and as this is the language of the universe, bliss, oneness and unity await.


Ways to Grow your Inner Lover

Follow your Bliss: This is your compass to your own true path. If you don’t enjoy something, don’t do it. Instead follow what you love. Follow the goodness, truth, and beauty that calls to you. By doing this you will be drawn to the perfect people, places and events, to help manifest your hearts desires. You will also begin to resonate at a higher frequency, where all things become possible.

Self Love: This is perhaps the most important lesson for the Lover. So much energy is spent loving and caring for those things outside of the self, that sometimes we can forget about ourselves at the centre. Take time to focus on your own needs, and practice loving and accepting yourself as you are right now. You are a magnificent child of the Universe. The more you are able to love yourself, the more you will learn to love others.. and the more universal love you will attract into your life. All true love begins with self.

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