Mystery School


Mystery School for Rebel Lightworkers


Do you wish you could unlock magical levels of joy and abundance without constantly doing?

Can you imagine receiving a steady flow of clients and income with ease?

How about feeling authentic and aligned in your life and business.. knowing that the Universe has your back?

Right Now..

You’re going through the motions, thinking “is this it?”.

You’re working hard but the results are all sketchy at best.

You’re struggling financially, and suffer with constant cycles of spiritual and emotional burnout. 

You’ve probably tried coaching and online courses without success.

You’ve read every self help and business book on Amazon.

You try to ‘hustle hard’ like everyone else seems to be doing.. But it’s just not you.

I Know..

I know how hopeless and frustrating creating a heart centered business can be.

I’ve been there too.

When I decided to break free from the 9-5 grind I jumped off at the deep-end.

I quit my job, went off around the world, and vowed not to return until I’d found my purpose.

I took every course, read every book, and tried every overnight-6-figure-success-template and cookie-cutter program out there. 

But nothing resonated. Nothing worked. And I felt more exhausted, confused, and empty than ever.

After 2 years everything I thought of as ‘me’ had broken down. I found myself alone, living in a yurt in Spain.. hopeless, desperate for some direction.. and no money left.

Then it hit me.

I wasn’t going to play by anyone else’s rules anymore.

I’d follow Universal Law and work on my inner world, but as far as fitting myself into a box was concerned.. I was done.

I’d no longer allow my outer world to rule my reality.

I had to choose between following the crowd or being me.

And I chose me.

My inner rebel won out, and I started being true to myself.

Once I switched to building my life and business around ME (quirks, ‘weaknesses’, and all).. I started magnetising in epic abundance.

The clients flowed in, the work was fun and easy.. and I started receiving more money, success and joy then I knew what to do with.

In my first year I made twice the money I was making in my old 9-5 job.. and yet I was now working half the hours, while living my purpose, and pulling in miracles left right and center.

Within a year I’d met the love of my life, within 2 years I’d moved to the other side of the globe, and now my outer world (that use to be so very small), is rooted in magic, miracles, joy, and sumptuous levels of ease.

If it’s not fun or easy.. I don’t do it. 

And now I want to help you do the same.


The Mystery School..

That’s why I created the Mystery School for Visionary Entrepreneurs.. to help heart-centerer entrepreneurs discover their purpose, step into divine alignment with their desires, and create a life of joy and success with ease. There’s no super masculine hustle hard energy here.. we simply do the inner work.. flow with the ‘rules’ of the Universe, and watch the Love, money, clients, and success come rolling in.

You’ll Receive..

  • Full access to the Mystery School portal (along with all previously added content)
  • New courses, tools, rituals, and meditations added every month
  • Free online Oracle Readings whenever you need them
  • Topics will include..

Intention Setting

Untitled design



Law of Vibration

Energy Work

Divine Feminine

Moon Cycles



Sales Pages

Customer Journey

Package Creation


Here’s what to expect..

Think Practical Magic in your living room..

Everything’s available online, so it’s perfect for introverts, sensitive souls, and those who need a little time to reflect or work through the magic at your own pace.

The portal is super easy.. with big concepts broken down into manageable step by step rituals.

This journey is fun, it’s easy, it’s enjoyable.. and it’s MAGICAL.

Think shifting your perspective to open up to the limitless flow, while feeling safe and supported all the way.


You Can Do It!..

The Mystery School portal is standing by.. ready and waiting to support you when you need it.

I’ve read the books, I’ve done the courses, I’ve spent the thousands of dollars on private coaching. I’ve lived the hustle, I’ve made the mistakes, I’ve done the work.. and now I’m offering all my 10,000+ hours of manifesting wisdom and practice to you.. at the tip of your fingers, tailored to your exact needs in the moment.

Feeling panicked about losing a client? Jump on the portal..

Need a last minute abundance injection? Simply go through my manifesting protocols..

Bursting at the seams to talk through a new idea or share a win? Send over an email and let me celebrate with you!!


This Program is For..

  • Heart centered entrepreneurs and light workers, ready to share their gifts with the world
  • Peeps with a belief in Source, God, Spirit, Energy, Love or whatever you wish to call it
  • An openness to practices and protocols that may sound a little upside own, unusual, or out there.. We run with the wolves here..
  • A willingness to show up for yourself, even if it’s in super small baby steps


This Program is Not Suited To..

  • Someone who wants everything done for them. I can lead you to the fountain of miracles and abundance, but you have to cup your hands and drink yourself.
  • People who don’t like anything woo.. full disclosure – we WILL be talking archetypes, energetic clearing, and universal law..
  • Those not ready to take responsibility for their own reality


Are you ready to Create Magic & Miracles?

Sign up now for my Founder rate. This is only being offered for a short time and spaces are limited.

If you resonate and are ready to take the leap, then let’s join hands and step into the magic together..

Your private Mystery School portal awaits!




Mystery School
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