You are the archetypal revolutionary, rebel, outlaw, and wild child. You think rules are made to be broken, and live to challenge the status quo.

You have a deep yearning for revolution, and don’t mind destroying the old to make way for the new. You tear down the ‘accepted’ way of doing things, and disrupt the old with flare and style!

People see you as outrageous and outspoken, as you speak your mind freely, and live life by your own rules. You aren’t held back by the need to ‘fit in’, and rarely care about what people think.

You are admired for your risk taking and originality, and likely lead a very interesting life.

Your gift is one of metamorphosis and revolution. You are able to hone in on what isn’t working, throw out the non-essential, and turn things on it’s head. In this way you bring fourth some amazing and unexpected creations into the world.

Just make sure that you don’t destroy yourself in the process. You need love, support, and stability just as much as everyone else. And while you may appear as hard as nails on the outside, you have a tender centre that yearns to be cherished. You can be a wild child AND be looked after at the same time.


Your Rebel Gifts

Shaking Things Up: Never one to do things by halves, you know how to shake things up and cause a stir. Your fearless nature means that you’re not attached to the safety of the status quo. You throw out the rule book and make it up as you go along. Because of this people admire you, and crave a reality dose of your ‘bad-ass’ rebel attitude.

Challenging Authority: You weren’t put on this planet to follow orders and play at the quiet life. You know BS when you see it, and you’re not afraid to call people out on it. You’re outspoken, but not just for the fun of it. You have strong principals and want to make sure that justice is served.

Taking Risks: You are a natural risk taker, and don’t see the point in following the same road as everyone else. This isn’t because you don’t understand the risks involved – but quite the opposite. Having experienced great loss yourself, you are aware of your own mortality. You see rules as arbitrary and meaningless, and feel that risks are a necessary part of ‘living’ life.

Humility: You live life on the edge, flirting with destruction in all it’s forms. You constantly test the boundaries, and seek to find your true self beyond the personas that others wear.  You abhor in-authenticity and social niceties. And exude a humility that can only come from looking at our own immortality head on.

Metamorphosis: Your ability to let go of the mundane and non-essential gives you the power of self transformation. You do not fear loosing what you ‘have’, and instead seek metamorphosis through destruction.


Your Rebel Shadow

Self-Destructiveness: Self-destruction has a positive side. It allows us to let go of what no longer serves us, and thus to transform into our true self. But, if a Rebel lacks discernment then they may become too destructive. While it’s good to let go of the non-essential, there are some things that we need for self care and survival. This tendency towards self destruction may manifest as addiction or self harm. To overcome this, the Rebel need to go on a vision quest to connect with their higher self. This reveals our essential core self, as well as our non-essential attachments. We can then let go of the non essential, while keeping back what makes us Us.

Destructive Anger: You will likely experience anger in reaction to injustice and difficulty. Anger is a powerful emotion as it contains a lot of energy. If anger is unleashed in the right way, it can give us the blast needed to transform the situation. It helps us to remove the old, and clear a path for the new. But anger becomes pathological when it is turned against the self or others. Try to be mindful about how your anger manifests and who you are consciously aiming it at. How could you re-direct your anger to transforms the situation, rather than destroy it?

Not Taking Responsibility for Harms Caused: If you do hurt someone, you may resist taking responsibility for it. You tend to see it as their problem, and that they just have to get a grip and move on. While you don’t mean to hurt people’s feelings, your directness can take people off guard. Not everyone is ready for the cold hard facts as you see them. We are all different, and sometimes tact and diplomacy is more important than being right.


Your Rebel Journey

Loss: The early life of the Rebel is usually characterised by some kind of loss. This may be the result of a dysfunctional family life, or the absence of someone close. It usually sends the Rebel on a spiral of destruction which can be healthy or unhealthy. A health Rebel will challenge the status quo, stand up to authority, and go their own way. All while caring for themselves and looking after their basic needs. An unhealthy Rebel will seek to destroy themselves and others in the process.

Facing Death: Once the Rebel has accepted their own mortality, they are free to live life fully. Most people seek to deny the reality of death, and so live mediocre lives. Once we acknowledge our own mortality it is a total game-changer. For the healthy Rebel the meaninglessness of death actually gives life meaning. Suddenly our choices and actions matter. The Rebel becomes determined to create a life of their choosing, and to live by their own rules.

Letting Go: Accepting the inevitability of death gives the Rebel a tremendous power. The drive to let go of anything that is not their 100% authentic self. This burning away of all that is nonessential, is vital in our journey to become our true self.

Transformation & Growth: The journey of the Rebel is all about transformation and growth. You year for authenticity, and are not afraid to break out of the crowd and become who you came here to be.


Ways to Grow your Inner Rebel

Let Go: Others may fear for you, and call you reckless for letting go of the same safety nets that they hold dear. Don’t let this take you away from your task. You are here to shake things up, and to let go of all that doesn’t serve you in becoming your highest self. Because so many people identify with their environment, possessions, and relationships, your destruction of these things can appear self-destructive. Just make sure that you are not in fact destroying yourself in the process, and that your own needs are being met.

Weed your Garden: Like many of us you may experience negative patterns, behaviours, or addictions. Use your gift of destruction to shed anything holding you back from positive self transformation.

Find Balance: It’s important to balance your ability to let go, with self love to support the person you are becoming. Think of yourself as a caterpillar preparing to become a butterfly. While you need to spend a lot of energy disassembling the old you, you must also prepare for and create the new you. Make sure that your metamorphosis is balanced and that you have the support you need.

Find your Life Drive: Your journey is driven by loss. You found out an an early age that nothing lasts forever, and it is this that drives your movement in the world. But what is pulling you? What is the seed of life within you that yearns to be birthed into the world? Once you find this, you will have tapped into your life. This gives you the vision you need to make your lasting mark on the world.

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