You are the archetypal Queen and King of own expansive and abundant lands. You are a natural leader, and know how to get the best out of people for the benefit of your kingdom. You are master of your environment, and enjoy the comforts of life. Harmony follows you wherever you go, and people look to you for safety and stability.

As a Ruler you enjoy great personal power, which you wear lightly, and use for the good of others. Your life is ultimately one of service, and you find satisfaction in creating a harmonious and beautiful environment.

You are responsible, wise, and always try to seek the best in people. You have the capacity to become highly successful on the material plane, more so than perhaps any other archetype. As long as you keep developing yourself, then your kingdom will be balanced, fair, and beautiful.


Your Ruler Gifts

Leadership: You are an excellent leader. When things go wrong you are able to learn from your mistakes, rally your kingdom together and move forward. You understand that everyone has different talents and abilities, and manage people in such a way that it brings out the best in them. You individually appreciate all those whom you lead.

Responsible: You are at an evolved stage where you have taken full responsibility for your life. You are a realist, and can see and accept your own limitations. You understand that the outer world is a reflection of your inner world. And if situations are manifesting in your kingdom that you don’t like, change must happen within. You accept responsibility for your sphere of influence, and the effects your actions have on others. As a ruler you are often in charge, and are always mindful of how your decisions effect others. Ultimately you seek happiness and security for All.

Power: You have developed a strong and refined ego, so that you are not controlled by it. You have claimed your power, and use it wisely to create inner and outer harmony. As such, your kingdom will be balanced and abundant. You are very comfortable in the material world. You appreciate money, possessions, your work and home life. You know your needs, and how to get these met. Resulting in a prosperous and comfortable kingdom.

Wisdom: So much ruling has made you very wise. You tend to seek win-win solutions, where everyone’s needs are taken care of, and enjoy a balanced world view. Your ability to see the outer world as a reflection of your inner world has lead to much soul searching. And you value peace above all else. You use your extensive power, not for personal gain, but to create a happy and harmonious world for All.


Your Ruler Shadow

Controlling: You use to being in charge, and may tend to try and control people or situations. This may be because you genuinely want the best for people, but to learn and grow people must be allowed to make their own mistakes. The best rulers help their subjects learn to rule themselves.

At the extreme end, the shadow Ruler may seek control for its own sake. They are unable to trust and surrender, and so refuse to let go or compromise. This is the petty Ruler, bossing around their colleagues and children so that they can feel powerful. They often try to punish others for not ‘following orders’, and do so for themselves, not the good of the kingdom.

Overly Pleasure Seeking or too Rigid: The healthy ruler understands the balance between pleasure and getting the job done. But the shadow Ruler will lean too far towards one extreme. They may eat, drink, or party too much, forgetting about the needs of their kingdom next to their own pleasures. At the other end they may forgo all comforts entirely, and become so rigid and demanding that life becomes impossible.

Low Level Kingdom Creation: A healthy ruler creates a kingdom from their wildest dreams and grandest visions. But the shadow ruler is driven by fear. They create a shallow kingdom based on consumerism, power and personal status. They believe that there is never enough, and that other people’s gain is their loss. Because of this they will use their power to claim most of the resources for themselves.


Your Ruler Journey

Taking Responsibility: You soon realise that your outer world reflects your inner one. And at this point you begin to take true responsibility for your life. You start to see how your life choices effect others, and accept responsibility for your mistakes. This is much more dignified than blaming others. With this new found world view, you are able to regain control, and create the kingdom you so richly deserve.

Continuous Growth: Yours is a journey of continual growth and development. To create a beautiful and balanced kingdom, you must explore other realms and always be trying to become a better Ruler. If you do not, then both yourself and your kingdom will suffer.

Mastery of Outer World: You are a master of the material world. You know exactly what your needs are, and how to provide for them. This may mean that you are good with money, or business, or creating a harmonious home. Whatever the means you choose, you will have gained mastery of your kingdom. In doing so, you provide a safe and beautiful environment for yourself and many others.

Seeking Win-Win’s: You understand the importance of win-win outcomes for the good of All. Everyone has their own gifts and talents, and the strength of your kingdom rests on your ability to allow them to flourish. It then becomes your task to help others find their purpose, so that All can benefit from them. You now focus more on empowering others, rather than feeling the need to compete with them. You begin to see people as Ruler’s of their own lives, and and that to thrive as a kingdom everyone must claim their power.


Ways to Grow your Inner Ruler

Heal Wounds: A kingdom is only as good as it’s Ruler, and so you must heal yourself to create a whole and happy environment. All of us have suffered on our journey, and it is this that helps us to grow, learn and become stronger. What wounds do you need to heal to make you the Ruler you came here to be?

Seek Inner Harmony: To create a beautiful kingdom, you must first develop an inner harmony. Once you know balance within your own being, this will naturally reflect in your outer environment.

Take Regular Journey’s: When you stop learning and growing, your kingdom starts shrinking. When you grow and flourish within, your kingdom blossoms. Take regular journey’s both within and without, to keep things flowing. This may be as simple as a daily meditation practice or literally taking a trip somewhere new and exciting.

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