The Seeker is the archetypal explorer. You have a deep inner urge to respond to the call of the unknown, and seek adventure in everything you do.

Ultimately your search is for happiness, and a better way to live. You yearn to live a life of freedom, expansion, and excitement.

If there’s anything you can’t stand, it’s to feel boxed in, or mired in bureaucracy. You are a do-er. Highly practical, independent, and not easily weighed down. Ideally you would like to live a free life with few possessions. Perhaps in a quirky home that you could drive, fly or sail around the world in search of adventure.

You may not know what you seek, but for you it’s the journey that’s important. You are prone to boredom, and yearn to see, do and experience the world.

The biggest turning point in the life of the Seeker is accepting the call of the unknown. You are not selfish or difficult for wanting more. Seekers push the boundaries so that others may follow, and the world needs your fierce independence and courage for adventure.


Your Seeker Gifts

Shaking Things Up: You love to shake things up, and are always on a quest for bigger and better things. People are never bored when your around! You don’t take yourself too seriously, and people warm to your down to earth nature. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around, and you’re full of new ideas and perspectives.

Inspiring: People are inspired by your adventurousness, and admire you for your courage to ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’. You’re the kind of person that sees limitations as a personal challenge. You set out to break boundaries and prove that the ‘impossible’ is indeed possible. Roger Banister running the first 6 minute mile is the perfect example of the Seekers’ ability to break through barriers. You are the archetypal paradigm shifter. And are capable of exceptional feats if you allow yourself the freedom to follow your heart.

Fun: There is never a dull moment when you’re around! Your ability to think outside the box gives you a great sense of humour, and an unusual way of looking at the world. You love to explore, and take people with you along for the ride, always searching for the next cool thing to try out. In doing this you help take people out of their comfort zone and try things they may never of done on their own. You make an excellent parent, and friend, always up for a new adventure.

Teacher & Guide: Because of your mission to go beyond normal limits, you have the opportunity to develop and share great wisdom. You may not realise it, but your life is an unusual one, and you will likely see and do things that many only dream of. You thus make an excellent teacher and guide for others who have yet to walk the path of truth that you have.


Your Seeker Shadow

Isolation: Your yearning to be independent and not conform may lead to a kind of self-enforced isolation.  Pathological independence creates  intense loneliness. We must connect with others with which to share our adventure and experiences. The life story of Christopher McCandless in ‘Into the Wild’ is an example of how the shadow side of the Seeker can lead to personal isolation. His ultimate realisation was that life must be shared to be enjoyed.

Avoiding Commitment: The need to do thing your own way or not at all can be strong. You don’t like being told what to do, and will easily feel trapped and frustrated if you don’t have a clear way out. This is a natural part of your character that those close to you will be more than aware of. But it can also lead to an inability to commit, which can get in the way of relationships. Try not to let your search for freedom stop you from making (at least some) commitments.

Pride: The journey of the Seeker is of the transformation from Ego to Self. Healthy Seekers will have a refined Ego and firm boundaries, balanced with compassion for others. Yet you feel compelled to find your meaning in life. This is the call of the Self. Such a call can lead to pride if the Seeker thinks they are above the limits of others, and presume themselves superior. We are all unique, with special gifts that only we can share with the world. This understanding places us beside one another, and the Seeker (who has seen many things and met many people) must wear their experience lightly. Everyone is at a different stage in their own path.


Your Seeker Journey

The Quest: The life long quest of the Seeker is explore new frontiers, go on adventure, and take risks. This stems from a yearning to regain the paradise that was lost at the Innocent phase of their journey. You may find yourself seeking your Shangri la through exploration of the world and yourself. Although nothing quite satiates your desire, you enjoy the journey and feel inspired to seek further. This will likely result in a life long quest for your personal holy grail.

The Call: The Seeker is driven by the need to fill the hole inside themselves. To feel at one and no longer fragmented. Initially this seeking is for something outside of yourself, and for that reason your quest will never be satisfied. Once you realise that the thing you seek is within you, then you are able to answer the call of the heroes journey. This will take form as a grand adventure. Something new that you have chosen yourself. You will lean towards travel, sailing the seven seas, mountain climbing and extreme sports. You want to expand yourself beyond the current role that life and circumstance has set out for you. If you are unable to answer the call due to responsibilities, your life may start to feel confining and empty.

Conformity Vs Individuality: The Seeker is often torn. Should you lead a steady life of conformity to please your family? Or seek a life of individuality and adventure; diving into the unknown, taking the road less travelled, and finding adventure? Because the Seeker is driven by a sense of alienation, the quest starts off as quite random. You may not know exactly what you want, but you will know what you don’t want. Once a relationship or job doesn’t work out, you will be on the road again looking for the next new adventure.

Trials & Dragons to Slay: Once you respond to the call and set out on your journey, you will be met with many trials. To over come these you must respond spontaneously and with an open heart. They will challenge your inner Warrior and Nurturer (the previous 2 stages of the archetypal journey). And you cannot pass until both are integrated.

The Holy Grail: The ultimate goal of the Seeker is to find the thing that you were looking for. Once you have found this truth you can share it with others, which will help them on their own quests. Ultimately the Seeker wants to experience something real and authentic beyond themselves. Your Holy Grail will be something that gives life meaning and value, beyond the conformity so many accept. One the highest level, it is the quest to be fully your own best Self. To transcend the old you, and transform into your true Self.

The Return: Having found their truth, the task of the Seeker is to return and share those gifts with others. This requires a death of the Ego stage, where the Seeker realises that they didn’t journey for themselves only, but for the whole of humanity. The gifts brought back from the Seekers exploration in the wilderness are vital the for others who stayed behind. It is these gifts, only found on the frontiers of what we think is possible, that help to raise human knowledge and consciousness. It is a noble, and valuable path, so allow yourself to listen to the call.


Ways to Grow your Inner Seeker

Pay Attention to Your Fantasies: What do you daydream about? Pay attention to these as this is where your deep inner yearnings will manifest. Don’t box yourself in with limiting beliefs about whats possible. Allow yourself to dream big and bold!

Answer the Call: The biggest challenge for the Seeker is to answer the call to adventure. Your task is to overcome your torn emotions between fitting in, and going your own way. Understand that the world needs your gifts of exploration and curiosity. It is not a selfish act for you to follow your dreams, this is your destiny. When you fail to answer the call things may tart to go wrong, as life tries to push you into the direction of your search. Be brave, and begin the journey!

Connect with Others: Although you love your independence, you also have a great gift of connecting with others. This is especially important for you, as it will give you something to anchor to on your wild adventures. You can only do so much on your own, and joining with others will add more colour and opportunity to your path.

Share your Wisdom: The gift of the Seeker is in the wisdom that you are able to share with others. Your journey is one of the trailblazer, and if you answer your call you will see and do many important things. You have an unusual outlook on life, based on freedom and a lightness of being that many admire. Your mission is to explore frontiers, push boundaries, and share your experiences with others.

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