The Alchemy of Being

  • Have you lost touch with your purpose in life?
  • Is your spirit feeling squashed?
  • Do you sometimes think “is this it?”

Welcome my lovely, you’re in the right place..

We believe that are a unique manifestation of Source.. God.. the life sustaining Principal of the Universe.

That you contain within you, a unique purpose that yearns to be expressed in the world. That you are here for a reason, and you have a sacred mission to explore and share your divine gifts.

That you’ve made mistakes in the past because you weren’t connected to your centre. Because you didn’t yet know who you were..

At Rooted Sun, we help people to become attuned to their soul’s natural pitch. To centre into your true being, and begin to live your life’s purpose.

you are magical

Rooted Sun has her arms open to you..

  • Discover your unique purpose
  • Heal and transform your wounds
  • Reclaim your power
  • Attune yourself to your soul’s natural pitch

Step 1 – Know Thyself

Did you know that there are 7 Divine Feminine Archtypes, each with a unique gift, power and purpose? Once you know how you naturally show up in the world, you can better understand how to connect with your true self.

Discover yours with our free Divine Feminine Archetype Test..

divine feminine test

Step 2 – Join our Inner Circle

To help support you on your journey, we are creating a unique Sun Sanctuary. A  virtual haven that you can come to anytime. Where you can re-centre, seek inspiration, and gain vital answers for your quest.

There are rituals, journeys, vision quests, meditations, transformation cycles, subliminal affirmations, and much more.. All consciously created to help you shine your light.

We would love to welcome you on this journey with us. If it sounds like something you could use, please join our Invitation list below..

join our inner circle

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