The Warrior is the archetypal hero. You are strong, powerful, brave, and determined to make the world a better place. You have faced your suffering head on, and guard your sacred space with firm boundaries.

You have likely suffered in the past, and this has given you great empathy for those in need. You are sensitive to power imbalances, and abhor discrimination. You want to protect the innocent and slay the persecutor, whatever form they may take.

You are a champion of ‘lost causes’, and have a strong sense of personal integrity. You stand by your word and act from a place of high principals and ideals. You refuse to retreat on your morals, and seek equal power and respect for all.

You are quite secretive, and keep your innermost thoughts and emotions hidden from others. Even your closest friends may feel that they don’t really ‘know’ you. This is not because you feel superior (you actually yearn to be part of the tribe). But because you feel the need to wear ‘social armour’ to shield any self perceived weaknesses.

You are disciplined, decisive, and when you decide to do something you dive in guns blazing. Nothing can stand in the way of your goals, and you have the strategic mind to always get to where you need to be. You have done many things in your life, and this inspires others to push the boundaries of what’s possible. You are a world changer, a rights defender, and champion of those in need.


Your Warrior Gifts

Defending Others: You live to defend others, to stand beside them and fight their fears side by side. You cannot bare injustice, and so jump into help people as a matter of principal. You refuse to give up and will see your battles through to the bitter end. You are a champion of those in need, fighting for any cause where there is an imbalance of power. People know that they can rely on you.

Integrity: You have a personal code of honour and live by your word. This makes you honourable in everything that you do.

Idealism: You are idealistic and believe that we can create an enlightened world. You seek power balance, equality and mutual respect.

Courage: You are brave and courageous, feeling the fear and choosing to do it anyway. You  have done some pretty spectacular things in your life which others will admire you for. You have high expectations for yourself, and always follow through to your goals.

Discipline & Decisiveness: You are highly disciplined and action orientated. You know exactly what needs to be done, what obstacles you will face, and what strategies to use for every turn.


Your Warrior Shadow

Hero / Victim / Villain Triangle: Your need to be a ‘protector’, means that you often fall into the hero, villain, victim triangle. You may see people as victims just so that you can rescue them, or villains so that you have someone to go up against. In doing so you create a self fulfilling prophecy that always needs power imbalances in the world.

Seeing Everything as a Battle: For the shadow Warrior, everything looks like a battle. A doctor will ‘wage war’ on a disease, making her patients body a battleground. A student will ‘attack’ without allowing for growth through debate. A business owner will see their competitors as ‘enemies’ that must be ‘destroyed’. This creates a high stress world, where you expect attack from all angles.

Forcibly Rescuing People: As a hero, you always seek to rescue people. Yet this can do more harm than good for those who are repeat ‘victims’.  If you continue to rescue them, they are unable to take responsibility for their own choices.

Ruthlessness: You tend to see things as black and white, which can make you judge others harshly. If you see signs of weakness, or ineptitude then you can be quick to anger. But everyone is on their own journey, and mistakes are necessary for growth.


Your Warrior Journey

Imprisoned: You may have felt imprisoned as a child, forced to live on other peoples terms. If your parents allowed you to test their limits then you will have grown a healthy sense of self early on. But if your parents were too strict or laid back, then you may lack clear and healthy boundaries.

Boundaries & Ego Creation: Boundaries are important to you. You have a strong sense of self, and clear markers that demand respect.

Challenges: You are not one to shy away from a challenge, and in fact you actively seek them. You see challenges as vital preparation for your brave and interesting adventures.

Battle Within: As you age, you come to realise that the real battle begins and ends within yourself. That the outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and that the true warrior lives an impeccable life. You may find yourself drawn into more spiritual challenges and activities.

Altruism & Win-Win: As a Spiritual Warrior, you will be in control of yourself and your ego. You understand that life doesn’t have to be a battle; but that win-win outcomes are the goal. You will seek to empower others to rescue themselves, and work for the common good of all.


Your Warrior Power & Purpose

Standing up for Others: You feel a natural protectiveness towards others. Standing up for the weak, and maintaining the balance of power in the world.

Making the World a Better Place: Ultimately your goal in life is to make the world a better place. Your idealism, drive, and determination, makes you the champion of lost causes. You are the people’s hero. It is through the steadfastness of great warriors that substantive change take place. Mathama Gandhi was a highly developed Warrior, understanding that power is greater than force. Whatever causes you choose to take up, you can be sure that your actions will be making the world a better place.

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior: As a spiritual Warrior you can make lasting change in the world. By slaying your own dragons, you face the challenges of the world with a light heart and an agenda for the good of all. Whereas before you saw victims needing rescue, you now see that the real demons are inside of us. You sword is now one of love, and you fight for the empowerment of all.


Ways to Grow your Inner Warrior

Empower Rather than Rescue: Sometimes people really do need rescuing. But, repeat ‘victims’ must learn to help themselves. Try to empower others to rescue themselves, and become an example for them to follow.

Choose your Battles: Because you’re driven to rescue people, you can feel overwhelmed. Before you jump in, stop and think about the bigger goal. Choose your battles wisely, and focus your energies on preparing for the big cause.

Develop Integrity: Warriors are defined by their high levels of personal integrity and accountability. By walking your talk, you ensure good self esteem and the power to achieve your many goals. Your values will refine as you develop, and act as a gateway to becoming a spiritual Warrior.

Self Love: Your natural tendency is to fight and strive for whats right. But with so many goals, challenges, and people to help, this can leave little time for yourself. Make sure that you take regular time out. Approach recreational activities with joy, and not another thing to compete and excel at.

Stop to Smell the Roses: When was the last time you had a day off just to enjoy yourself. It is SO important for you to take regular breaks from pursuing your achievements. It may feel frustrating at first, and like your itching to get it over and done with so you can get on with your mission. But life is about the journey, not the destination. Stop, breath, connect with the moment, and feel gratitude for what’s present right now.

Accept that Everyone has their own Path: You are so passionate that you tend to run away with yourself. But what’s right and true for you, may not be for someone else. You may want to seize the problem and do all the work on other peoples behalf. But this can be frustrating for those who have their own ideas and time scales.  Remember that real change happens when people feel empowered rather than rescued. And that it may take time for them to achieve their goals on their own. Offer support, but don’t try to control the ‘how’ or ‘when’. They will get where they need to be in the end. And will learn a lot more about themselves if they are in control of the process.

Become a Spiritual Warrior: The spiritual Warrior sees the world as one big family. There are no enemies except for those of our own making, and all conflicts can be resolved for the benefit of all. By using the sword of truth and love you will have the power of the Infinite on your side, in the battle for the common good.

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